5 Latest Fashion Trends in India 2021.

Just because your dresses stayed in the wardrobe for a year does not mean that the fashion world stood where it is. However, some major walkthroughs happened, and some trends got added on. Now it’s time for you to look at your closet and check the must-buys you should make a list of and what dresses have reached their moment giveaway

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Have you ever thought about putting on some old yet fashionable outfits in this fear that they do not match with the ones that are trending? This year, history repeats in style with certain fashion statements with a major return in the industry. From boyfriend jackets to big vintage bags. It seemed as if fashion stepped back in a time machine and right from Paris to Milan got drenched in classics. But before you step ahead and read about these new trends. One thing that needs clearance is that your entire look enhancers have a lot to do with fashion.

5 Latest Fashion Trends You Need to Follow in 2021
1. Oversized Boyfriend Shoulderpaded Jackets
2. Black Mask
3. Scarfs The New headgears
4. History of Pastel Colours Repeating
5. Yellow Shoes and Bags

5 Latest Fashion Trends You Need to Follow in 2021

1. Oversized Boyfriend Shoulderpaded Jackets


The sharpness of the 80s has got a walkthrough this year. It does not matter if you are putting on a dress or jeans and a shirt; this new trend suits every looks just the right way. All you need to bother about is what colour you would want for yourself. Even though the jacket’s name has nothing to do with the relationship status of yours but has a lot to do with the kind of comfort it provides. How often do you crave an outfit that just helps you snuggle into it and does not feel too much on you? This jacket is that comfort cover over the kind of dress that might not be that comfortable for you in general. So, it’s time to check if you already have something like this, and if not, this particular jacket takes first place on your must-buy list. 

2. Black Mask


Just one announcement brought the whole country and the entire world on standby. It seems like everyone is living the same day over and over again. Pandemic did not just change the statistics of the population with the immense loss of lives and newborns; instead, it also changed the idea of being normal. The basic idea of the mask was to hide the originality one had, but this shift in pandemic the entire notion of that as well.

Now the idea of the mask was for protection and to breathe in safety. So, when that was the new normal, why not do it in style. Now masks were supposed to be an integral part of the fashion game. What other than the colour black stands to be a statement for itself. So, the black silk masks were a fashion trend that is ruling the industry.

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3. Scarfs The New Headgears


Gone are the days of the stereotypical cities where turbans were the pride of male heads and women could just cover their heads with dupattas. With the evolution of time and style, fashion has taken over tradition. Women carry turbans in a way more fashionable way than men used to. Another reason for scarves shifting from neck to head is the Pandemic again, where it was advised to keep your heads covered to prevent the spread of the virus.

Now covering the head would have affected the entire look of the women. So the fashion industry thought to cover the head with scarves in the best fashionable way possible. 

4. History of Pastel Colours Repeating


Not just the boyfriend jackets, there was this fashion of lighter colours a few years back. The sorbet pastel tones were thought to add grace in women’s fashion but had not stayed for long because of the critical discussion that pastel colours seemed dull. But as is said, what goes around comes around; After a few years where the fashion industry played well with neons, they headed back to the gracefulness of pastels this year.

Outfits change every year and with it, the trends keep updating. But when the word fashion comes to mind you tend to incline towards western outfits while pastel colours look better on Indian and traditional outfits more. Outfits like long slit Kurtis, ethnic tops and straight pants are all parts of Indian clothing. These are the outfits that look seamlessly elegant especially when it comes to pastel colours. 

5. Yellow Shoes and Bags


There’s always this one ruling colour that keeps up the gameplay in fashion. This year yellow secured that place when it comes to footwear and handbags. You buy dresses online that are of colours like white, black or red; this particular colour just adds a tinge of flavour to your look. It said that every bag is not for every occasion. This means that you have a differently styled bag for morning, afternoon and evening. So it becomes a tricky job to have them all or to know which one suits the occasion or time of the day. So, if you are amongst those who do not want to think much and want to own a multipurpose bag then the colour yellow of any bag will go with any time of the day and with any occasion as well. 

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Acceptance and Confidence:

Well, not everything that’s in trend will look good on you and it’s absolutely not important to wear every trending outfit. It’s your acceptance of the body that you have that will lead to building up your confidence and once that happens even if you put on something that isn’t trending will not look bad. 

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