6 Best Computer/IT Courses after 12th.

Hey, Are you worried about your career after 12th? Do you have an interest in Computers? There are several computer courses after 12th available on the internet but you get confused which are best? Which course you should join? It’s really a very tough job to choose which job to select.

For students who are taking the first steps towards their successful career, there are long term courses as well as short term courses. We have described almost all the computer courses for you so that you can make your choices clear. You can have a bright and successful future.

6 Best Computer/IT Courses after 12th
1. Digital Marketing
2. Graphics Designing.
3. Web Designing.
5. Animation and VFX
6. Hardware and Networking

So here we are acknowledging you with information on 100% job oriented and skill-based computer courses. By the end of this article, we will try to make your research about job oriented computer courses easy.

6 Best Computer/IT Courses after 12th.

1. Digital Marketing.


Digital marketing is the best career after 12th. As sooner or later all the businesses are including digital marketing activities in their companies. Digital Marketing career needs lots of creativity. You have to decide what you are good at.

Digital Marketing teaches you Mobile Marketing, Content writing, SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, Brand Management, and Web Analytics.

Digital Marketing is a long-lasting field and you have to always be up to date. As there is always something new to learn and knowledge doesn’t have an end in Digital Marketing. You have to work on different projects with different clients so the probability of getting bored decreases.

Anybody can join the digital marketing institute but it will be great if you join it after 12th and make your career in Digital marketing. So that you will have the best opportunities to follow up and have a creative life ahead.

2. Graphics Designing.

courses-to-do after-12th

Graphic design is an art that can be performed by artists. Graphic designers are people who can express themselves in a visual manner. People whose design can express what they want to communicate are suitable for this course. Their way of communication can be seen in their images and visual representations.

After completing Graphics Designing you can also work as a freelancer. You can create your own Brand, be a corporate graphic designer, printing specialist, and creative director of a company.

Graphic Designers get a job in a web designing company so that they can make the company’s images, videos, web documents, and many other webs related outlook better and give an awesome look to the company’s profile. If you can design and communicate through images then graphic designing will be a perfect career for you.

3. Web Designing.


Being a web designer means portraying the company in your way. A web designer manages the company’s website, design web pages of a company, and also manages web applications of a company. The work of web designers allows visitors to access all the web pages on the same platform with all the graphics and images.

A web designer needs perfection in their work along with creativity, they should have proper knowledge of colors and should have knowledge of HTML and CSS. And have basic knowledge of graphics.

There are institutes who provide short term diplomas for this course but if you want you can also pursue a long term 1-year course. After completing the course you can also work independently as a freelancer.



JAVA is a computer programming language, which is a class-based and object-oriented course. For learning JAVA you should have a good memory. JAVA is not easy to learn but it has been made in such a way that it is easy to write, easy to use and can be easily learned as compared to many other programming languages.

You can join JAVA programming classes after 12th so that when you complete your graduation you can be appointed as a JAVA programmer in any IT company. With this course, you can join an IT company in a better position.

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5. Animation and VFX


VFX means visual effects is a way of mixing real with reel, it means mixing of real film shooting with animated images. We can take an example from any movie hero jumping from a high building. It is the creativity of VFX artists.

As per research, the animation industry expects to grow by 20% to reach USD 23bn mark by the year 2021. Which will be a really great victory in the field of animation.

If you have your interest in editing and want to have your career in animation then this will be the best computer course for you. You may get a job in a Bollywood industry as Animation and VFX made very easy for most of the filmmakers to use Visual effects in their movies.

6. Hardware and Networking


The professionals in this field are required for communication and interaction between networks and are in demand in various sectors like education, banking, animation, and media.

Hardware and Networking is a career that will excite you and you will be amazed to learn about certain things that will create your interest.

As this course name itself illustrates that it has to do something with repairing and maintenance of computer hardware systems. Students who pursue this course get to learn about repairing and maintenance of computer hardware and who have an interest in networking can join several courses.

Above mentioned are some of the job oriented computer courses to do after 12th. You will get the results according to your ability. You can take advantage of growing demand in the computer field. There are many Institutes which offer such different computer courses.

Make your right choice to choose the best course and best institute for your computer course. So that you can build a successful career to have a bright future.

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