6 Most Famous Brands for Jeans Available in India.

There are so many brands known for manufacturing the best jeans for both men and women in India. Jeans are one of the most worn clothing not in Indian but across the country as well. There are so many different types of jeans that fit every body type. 

From skinny jeans to boyfriend jeans, there are several jeans that you can choose and embrace your body in the best possible way. Here we have listed some of the well-known brands in India that have the best of the jeans.

Table of Contents:
6 Top Most Popular Brands of Jeans in India
1. Levi’s
2. Wrangler 
3. Lee 
4. Pepe Jeans
5. Mufti
6. Being Human

6 Top Most Popular Brands of Jeans in India:

1. Levi’s


Levi’s is known as the most popular and top-selling men’s and women’s jeans brand in the world. It has made its place in the market by manufacturing the best jeans for all age groups. 

Levi’s is also known as the trendsetter in the market because it has all types and jeans styles. Levi’s jeans are now available on all the online platforms. 

The brand is also associated with different clothing brands and companies for manufacturing and marketing jeans for men, women, and kids. Levi’s jeans are the most loved jeans because of its good quality. Jeans can be teamed up with shirts, and it is also considered as one of the formal apparel. 

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2. Wrangler 


Wrangler is known as a stylish brand for jeans. Jeans by Wrangler are designed by the best fashion designers and their team, those who have the best knowledge about fashion and trends. Wrangler brand is trendy between youngsters.

Wrangler is available on top online sites like Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart. It is also associated with an iconic company –the ‘Apparel Industry’. 

This is one of the best and popular brands for male and female jeans. The brand provides numerous options for selecting the best jeans. One of the best things about the brand is that it makes jeans that last for a long time. 

One should try Wrangler jeans once in their lifetime to get the best experience by any jeans brand.

3. Lee 


Lee initially started with male jeans only; however, with the increasing popularity of their jeans, the brand introduced females’ jeans. 

If you are looking for comfortable and stretchable jeans, then you should try Lee jeans as it has all this quality. The brand focuses on the latest trends, comfort, and fashion.

For those who do not know, Jacqueline Fernandez is the brand ambassador for female jeans of the brand. Lee jeans are available on e-commerce platforms like Myntra, Amazon, FabAlley, and many other sites. 

You can also get a discount on these sites by applying their coupon codes like Myntra Coupon code or FabAlley Coupons, for amazing discounts. Lee is an American brand, but is most widely used in India. 

The reason for its wide use in India is that people here wear jeans more than any other cloth and also because it is one of the best jeans brands worldwide.

4. Pepe Jeans


Pepe Jeans are comfortable, trendy, and stylish. It is one of the most popular jeans brands for so many years. 

Pepe is known for its best-fitting style, and many more things that a buyer will look for in jeans before buying. 

The brand offers ideal jeans to jeans lovers. Pepe jeans will perfectly suit every body type, whether you are slim or fat it will make you look smarter and stylish. 

One can find the brand logo on the backside of the jeans that make it fancy. This brand is available on online sites, and you can get Pepe jeans at a reasonable price. 

Pepe is one of the famous brands of jeans in India and across the world. The motto of the brand is to provide the customer the best in their budget. 

This festive season does online shopping from different sites, and don’t forget to buy Pepe jeans. 

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5. Mufti


It is one of the well-known Indian brands that are available on all the e-commerce platforms. The brand has a wide range of comfortable jeans for both men and women. 

The First Brand to introduce Stretch Jeans in Indian Market was Mufti. Denim from Mufti is perfect for all occasions, including formal and casual. Jeans are comfortable to wear at all times. And all styles can be mixed and matched and you can wear them anytime anywhere.

6. Being Human


The brand is owned by the superstar Salman Khan. The actor started the brand to share the earnings with the ones who are in need. 

With time the brand has garnered appreciation for its vast collection and comfort. These jeans are available in different styles and colors. 

One can get Being Human jeans from various online portals. These are available in different types that are perfect for all the generation. The brand also has a collection of t-shirts and other apparel.


Nowadays, jeans are not only in trend but have also become a necessity for everyone. Most people have at least three to four pairs of jeans. 

Jeans are comfortable to wear and perfect for most occasions. Also, they can be styled in a number of ways. You can team it up with kurtas, shirts, t-shirts, tops, etc. Jeans are allowed to wear in offices too, as it is a comfort statement. Jeans come in all cuts like regular fit cut, straight cut, skinny jeans, and much more.

There are many brands of Jeans like Pepe, Wrangler, Lee, and many others to name that offer stylish and comfortable denims. 

These brands are not only known in the home country but across the globe as well. These brands are also easily available at all the leading online websites that are too at the best prices. Shopping sites like Myntra, Jabong, Ajio, Flipkart are examples where you can visit and browse through brands and color and size charts to collect your favorite jeans online. You often get offers, and you may use the coupons to get huge discounts on your purchases.

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