8 Best Web Series to Watch on Netflix in 2020

Hey Guys, How are you all? These summer holidays are really very boring. Right? Ya, I am also suffering from the same. I was just thinking what would have I done if Netflix wasn’t there. After all, “time pass ka Ek Lauta Sahara”.

Since there are many shows to watch on Netflix we get confused about what to watch and whatnot. I am also not so much experienced but here I made a list of some web-series on Netflix which are really very much interesting. Some glimpse is mentioned below for your help in binge-watching.

Here is a list of 8 best web series for binge-watching on Netflix:-

1. Stranger Things


This is one of the best web-series I have ever watched. Its 3 seasons are already out and 4 season is about to come very soon. The First season is related to a boy named “Will” who is occupied by a creature or slime-like creature and imprisoned in a Poltergeist-like world or we can say in the upside-down world. His mother recruits a sheriff for investigating Will’s case as she thinks her boy is missing. On the other hand, Will’s friends are busy in their own investigation and on the way they find a different type of girl with special powers named “eleven”. It is a great horror blockbuster web-series on Netflix of the early ’80s, one must watch.

2. You


Another amazing Netflix web series I found is “YOU”. In this, there’s a guy named Joe Goldberg who is a very sweet boy who works in a bookshop in the city and there he meets a girl named Beck and fantasizes about her but a-a-a-a-tada here is a twist this guy is psycho. Everything is perfect but his over possessiveness makes him a killer and ends up killing his own girlfriend. So a perfect rom-com becomes a thriller. “You” has 2 seasons each with 10 episodes, it’s a great Netflix web series for those who want to watch a combination of rom-com and thrillers. I loved it and I think you should also watch “You” just by being you. Haha!

3. On My Block


Here is another teen drama for you all. “On My Block” there is a team of funny kids who are trying to sort out their life. This show is special because it has some real-life adventures and drama about what are the effects of gang violence on kids and how they all cope with it and find a huge amount of Roller world’s money. This Netflix web series consists of 3 seasons and each season has 10 episodes. This is one of the best short series to binge-watch during your holidays.

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4. Vampire Diaries


This is one of my favorites because this Netflix web Series has all in it i.e. Love, Hatred, Fantasy, Anger, Sacrifice, Family, Dominating, and whatnot. I can binge-watch it any time again and again. “Vampire Diaries” is such a web series which anyone can’t get resist and it contains 8 seasons and each season has around 20-22 episodes. It also has it’s sequel i.e. “The Originals” and prequel i.e. “Legacies”. It is not a proper Netflix web series but it’s available there and as I loved it so I thought I should definitely mention it here. You will also love it I can guarantee.

5. Jessica Jones


In this, Ms. Jessica is a private detective who has some special superpowers. But in the story of this series doesn’t focus completely on superpowers but also on the big bad guy named Kilsgrave and this makes the series more interesting how this girl who can fight with the whole world with her superpowers but gets weaken in front of this guy and this guy Kilsgrave tries to control “Jessica Jones” and somewhere succeeds but in the end, Jessica wins. The complete journey is amazing to watch. This is one of Marvel’s Netflix web superhero series which has 3 seasons and in all it consists of 39 episodes which you should dare to explore.

6. Riverdale


Another teenage drama web series to Binge watch on Netflix for teens which consists of 4 seasons which has overall 74 episodes. There is Archie and his friends put all the missing pieces and deal with their own personal issues. That red hair guy “Archie” is the limelight of the show and the fun part of “Riverdale” is all the characters of Archie comics have been used in this Netflix web series i.e. Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and Archie.

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7. 13 Reasons Why


This is very sad that how girls are sexually harassed and no one stands by her even after her death people forget her like anything never happened. There is an attached or we can say similar storyline of this web series “13 Reasons Why”. A girl named Hannah Baker is abused and sexually harassed and dies one day but she leaves 13 tape recorders in which she mentions who all are to be held responsible for her death. This drama of Hannah ends in the first season only and the story then continues to the second season and third season. This Netflix web series is very much controversial and needs lots of courage to watch but one must watch it at least one time.

8. Sacred Games


Here is a very sensational and suspicious Netflix web series starring Saif Ali Khan as Sartaj Singh who plays the role of a police officer and Nawazzuddin Siddiqui as Ganesh Gaitonde. The amazing suspense and cat-mouse game. This web series contains 2 seasons of 16 episodes and it was the most awaited season in 2019. The great acting of Saif and Nawazuddin made it more awesome.

These were some of the Netflix web series to Binge-watch during your holidays and you can also watch some of them with your family as they will love it. These amazing teen dramas are very much fun to watch.

Have Fun!

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