Guide to Hiking Tours in Tibet!

hiking tours in Tibet
When you are enthusiastic and a compulsive climber, no peak or no mountain is insurmountable or inaccessible. And, one country that you need to visit once in a lifetime or more if you can, is Tibet. Secluded in the marvelous... Read more

About Kerala This Time Let’s Turn To South.

Kerala travel Tour packages
Kerala Trip has its slopes that offer lovely and pleasurable redirections that range from continuing climbing, biking, trekking and slope climbing visits to natural life safaris to various untamed life asylums situated on the Kerala slopes in Kerala. The stunning... Read more

6 Popular Destinations in Uttarakhand!!!

Popular Places to visit in Uttarakhand
Uttarakhand is a beautiful state in the northern parts of India. The place is famous for its scenic hill stations and religious cities. Also known by the name Dev Bhoomi (The Land of Gods). Uttarakhand has a lot to offer... Read more

7 Best Places to Visit in Italy.

visit italy this holiday
Italy is not just another country but the country which ranks very high on any traveler’s bucket list. What does a traveler expect from its destination? History, food, places, culture, music, charm, people, scenery and ethereal landscapes. Italy is just... Read more

Neemuch Opium & Alkaloid Factory

Opium Factory Neemuch
Alkaloid factory is such a thing which is mainly located at two places and Nimach is one of them. Yes, Nimach which is known as the city of nature is also famous for its opium & alkaloid factory. The headquarters... Read more

Nimach: The City of Nature

Neemuch the city of nature
Nimach is a very small district which is located in Madhya Pradesh and is spread in almost 58 km and the town in the Malwa region and has a very peaceful environment. Nimach has lots of history with Britishers and... Read more