6 Best Flowers to Gift Your Partner on Anniversary

Anniversary is a great time to celebrate the years of togetherness with your life partner. Your life partner is a precious God’s gift bestowed to fill your life with endless happiness. Life is tough and living it alone is quite difficult. Therefore, we the people are blessed with a partner who support, love and care for us in every condition of life.

So, why not appreciate everything about your partner with something that they love to receive on the wedding anniversary? Anniversary is a special time of the year when you can pour your heart out for your soul mate. Of course yes, the medium of your feelings should be as special as it is. In such a case, there is nothing better than flowers as it has a fantastic power to make the recipient’s heart spin around.

So, whatever your feelings are, these beautiful creations of God will express it all with its wonderful features. When you have such a great gift option to amuse your lover on the special occasion of the anniversary, what are you waiting for?

Because there are immense varieties of flowers on this planet, so choosing the ideal flowers for an anniversary is quite a difficult task. If you are in a dilemma of which flowers you should pick to gift your soul mate then this article is best for you as here we have listed the best flowers ideal for the anniversary. Have a look!

1. Roses


An ever-green symbol of love. Whenever it comes to expressing the deep feelings of love on any romantic day like anniversary, then roses are the best choice. The bold red color along with the soothing and aromatic fragrance of rose is perfect to mesmerize the soul of your life partner. On the special day of your wedding anniversary, you can present your soul mate a bunch or bouquet of roses and express your feelings of love and care in the most romantic way. Such a lovely gesture from your side will do wonders in your relationship. 

2. Carnations


If you are confused about which flowers to give your life partner on the 1st anniversary then Carnation is the right one. It’s a traditional flower that represents young and passionate love. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that you find ideal to represent your love. This floral beauty will add more love to your bond and make it everlasting as well. Grab a wonderful bouquet of carnation flowers, send flowers online and let this beauty spell your feelings. 

3. Daffodils


Daffodils represent your first decade of marriage. If your marriage has completed 10 years of happiness then greet your life partner, a very Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary with a lovely bouquet of daffodils. Because this flower appears to be small individually, so it is always presented in the form of a bouquet. So, grab such a lovely floral present for your loving husband or wife and make him or her truly special.

4. Iris

Iris -flower-to-gift

Another flower on our list is Iris. If you are looking for flowers for your 25th wedding anniversary or silver anniversary, then Iris flowers will definitely the one that will boost the love for many upcoming years. A silver wedding anniversary is the most lovely time for both husband and wife. So, you must greet your love with the best of silver anniversary flower and that is Iris. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and celebrate the 25th years of togetherness with a stunning fresh bouquet of irises.

5. Lily


If you are looking for the flower for 30th anniversary, grab a bouquet of lilies. Yes, the lily is the perfect flower that shows what a lovely 30 years you have spent with your soulmate. This beautiful flower comes in different shapes and colors that you can pick as per your choice and preferences. With this lily gift, you can show your partner how strong your bond is. This lovely flower spread the magic of love and refresh all the memories you have created together in a lovely manner.

6. Yellow Roses


The last flower on our list is perfect to convey the best wishes of the 50th anniversary to your life partner. Yellow roses! One of the most beautiful flowers which better know how to win the recipient’s heart. Yellow roses are the official flowers to celebrate the 50 years of marriage. It’s bright colors, aromatic fragrance and overall beauty can amaze anyone. So, if you haven’t bought anything for your soulmate then bring these yellow floral beauties now. Celebrate half a century together as well as many more years of happiness. 

Flowers are special for every occasion but if it is given for the right moment, and the right moment is about to come i.e. the Valentines’ day. The above-listed flowers are perfect for celebrating the different milestones of marriage. We hope that this article helps you a lot in finding the right flower to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

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