Manali – The Actual Taste of Himalayas

Tourists frequently travel to Manali in Himachal Pradesh since it is a popular tourist destination. Manali is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and tranquil surroundings, but it’s much more than that. Every culture includes street food as a significant aspect of daily life. Manali continues to be known for its street food, just like the rest of India. The best Manali street cuisine must be sampled while visiting this stunning hill station. One must enjoy the mouthwatering, genuine, and reasonably priced food that Manali offers its visitors before returning home.

Must Taste Manali Dishes!!

Some Famous Manali Dishes You Must Try:-

#1. Khatta

Himachali cuisine in Manali
Khatta Manali Cuisine

It is a tasty dish made with pumpkin, “Amchoor” powder, and “Boondi” is called “khatta.” This is a traditional dish from the Himachal Pradesh region. It is the most popular street snack in Himachali, made with pumpkin, crunchy tiny balls known as boondi, and dry mango powder. The authentic flavors of this cuisine can only be found in Manali.

#2. Sidu

Siddu Himachal Cuisine in Manali
Himachali Cuisine in Manali

When visiting Manali, you must taste this regional food. Mutton and other non-vegetarian dishes go best with sidu in India. The bread is placed over a flame, cooked for half the time, and then steam-heated. The dish is now complete and has a distinct, straightforward flavor that will leave you wanting more. Try this stuffed fermented bread if you don’t like rice; it goes best with mutton. A vegan might serve it with chana madra by sprinkling ghee and spices on top. The ingredients for this Pahari cuisine are onions, poppy seeds, and wheat flour. Cumin and coriander are used for garnishing the sidu.

#3. Babru

Babru himachal cuisine in manali
Babru Cuisine in Manali

This meal is similar to the crispy Indian snack known as kachoris. Similar to kachoris, this is also created by blending soaked black chana into a paste. Then working it into a dough. The dough is ultimately divided into little pieces, rolled out, and deep-fried. It is successful in bringing the tastes and scents of Himachali food to life. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample the best Manali street food whenever you are in Himachal.

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#4. Kullu Trout

Best dish to eat in Manali
Himachali Cuisine: Kullu Trout

All fish enthusiasts should try the Kullu Trout. This meal slowly cooks fish that has been marinated. It can be grilled, steam-cooked, or served with curry. It pairs excellently with rice and has a distinctly spicy and tangy flavour. Alternatively, you may go trout fishing and catch your food. The dish is served with hot rice and has a sour and spicy flavour profile.

#5. Patande

things to eat in Manali
Himachal Pancakes: Patande

This crepe recipe comes from Himachal and includes only milk, sugar, and wheat flour. It is frequently eaten as a breakfast treat and is freely accessible in Manali. Locals refer to the milk, sugar, and wheat flour batter-based Himachali pancake as Patande. Even though it’s typically served for breakfast, it can also be enjoyed as dessert. It is most frequently consumed as food and is easily accessible in Manali’s streets. Visit the restaurants and bistros providing Himachali cuisine as the greatest food in Manali if you wish to try this meal.

#6. Bhey

dish in manali to eat
Bhey: Kamal Kakdi Dish

This is a recipe for fried lotus stems. The phrase “Bhey” literally means “in the lap of the Himalayas.” To make the lotus stems crispy and spicy, they are thinly sliced and stir-fried with masalas and gramme flour. This preparation is made from lotus stems. The lotus stem is cut into thin slices, which are streamed and then sautéed in a mixture of herbs, spices, and gramme flour. It continues to be Manali’s greatest street food and is incredibly nourishing. The unique surface of the raw materials is what gives bhey distinctive flavors. It is highly wholesome and healthful to consume. It is available in dhabas and eateries that serve regional cuisine.

#7. Aktori

what to eat in manali
Aktori a Manali Cuisine

This festive preparation is essentially a buckwheat cake. Buckwheat is a key ingredient in the cake known as aktori. One of the best street dishes available in Manali is this. It was prepared during a particular holiday season and has its roots in the Lahaul-Spiti Valley. This is something you should absolutely attempt to round out your collection of Manali’s regional cuisines. Nothing else in this place compares to the flavor of this buckwheat cake. It is unquestionably delicious and good for you to eat. Aktori contains the benefits of ghee and gives you the calories and nutrients you need to make it through an enjoyable hike. It is now accessible throughout much of Himachal Pradesh.

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#8. Chana Madra

a best dish to eat in manali
Chana Madra Cuisine in Manali

It is yet another extremely well-liked and top-notch Manali street dish. This dish has its origins in the Himachal Pradesh region’s Chamba district. Tamari, ginger, garlic, onions, cumin, coriander powder, cloves, and numerous more spices make up a rich preparation. A zesty dish ready to pamper your taste buds is chana madra. The curry’s thick, yogurt-based gravy contains tamarind, ginger, garlic, and onion and is mostly made with white chickpeas. Every time you pass by Chana Madra, its earthy, rich perfume will make you hungry. Another popular road food in Manali that will thoroughly satiate your taste buds is the sour Chana Madra.

#9. Red Rice

things to eat in manali
Traditional Food of Manali: Red Rice

You must try the red rice while visiting Manali. Both in terms of flavor and nutrients, this is rich. Antioxidants and vitamin B6 are present. The dish has a nutty flavor and is served with local kidney beans and green vegetables as a side dish. This is one of the best meals in Manali to eat with your family if you prefer eating healthily.

Hotels, Hostels, & Resorts in Manali

Luxury mountain resorts, budget hotels, hostels, and cozy cottages are just a few of the lodging choices available here. In Old Manali, there are numerous places to stay, however, staying outside the town limits would provide you a more serene and beautiful experience.

There are many affordable hostels that are close to the main market if that’s what you’re searching for in a hostel in Manali.


The greatest food in Manali, despite the fact that it is known for several different dishes like Mittha, Masala Omelette, Khatta, Sidu, Kadhi Chawal, Kullu Trout, Patande, etc., is Mittha. This Manali delicacy is made of rice, raisins, and dry foods as garnish. On a platter, it is literally the pinnacle of perfection. It is embellished with dry food that has an impeccable edge. Without a doubt, Mittha deserves to be praised for its complex flavors and reputation as some of Manali’s best cuisine.

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