Guide to Hiking Tours in Tibet!

When you are enthusiastic and a compulsive climber, no peak or no mountain is insurmountable or inaccessible. And, one country that you need to visit once in a lifetime or more if you can, is Tibet.

Secluded in the marvelous folds of the Himalayan range, Tibet not only offers but invites people from around the world to enjoy some of its challenging climbing experiences.  One can experience all the thrills of climbing by either opting for the Tibet hiking tours organized by travel agencies or through personal tour guides. From the great Mt Everest to other peaks nearby, such as the Dingri Gangkar at 4,360 miles, you can take up any challenge you feel like, to bring out the hiker in you.

Leaving the Mt Everest climb aside, which is an altogether different experience with a different set of permits to handle, there are many hiking tours of Tibet. If you approach a tour agency, they will take you through the different climbing tours that they organize for the experienced and inexperienced climbers, with suitable guidance from their experts.

Since the landscape, the uneven and jagged pathways and a whole lot of valleys and lakes all can make the experience more demanding, an expert guide can help to ease out the way. Well, not literally paving new pathways for you to travel, but make it all the more daring and thrilling, and yet safe for you to climb those surfaces to achieve your dream!

Table of Contents:
1. Travel Through the Off-beaten Paths.
2. Necessary Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack for Trekking in Tibet!
2.1 Moisture Wicking Tees
2.2 Quick Dry Pants & Leggings
2.3 Ski Gloves & Jacket
2.4 Woolen Socks & Microfibre Towel

So, what does a Tibet hiking tour has on offer? A wonderstruck encounter with the famous peaks for one, and a soul-searching experience, for free. Even when you are hanging on those extremely uneven slopes, you will have an awe-struck moment. When you face those beauties and bounties of nature all around.

Hence, if you are planning on a hiking tour of Tibet, you will need to first contact a good travel agency. So that you can ensure that you have a guide to steer you towards the right path. And look for a custom-made trek to have a stress-free and highly remarkable hiking experience.

1. Travel Through the Off-beaten Paths.

Tibet Hiking Tours

Hikes and treks need not just be a climbing trip with suitable mountaineering equipment in place. The trips to the Dingri Gangkar at 4360 miles above sea level, for instance, starts with a trek through the Brahmaputra or the Yarlung Tsangpo valley and through old Dingri.  And even then, the hike starts only after visiting some of the places along the way, such as the Tashi Lhunpo monastery and the Palchoe monastery to offer due respect to the monks.

After you appreciate their sacrifice and soak in their constant prayer recitals. You can travel along the base of Dingri Gangkar to start the real hike. The climb to this peak is all the more special because you get to gaze at the great giant from the closest point- the Mt Everest.

You can also opt to climb the Labchi Tso Chung La Chila pass and the Lanchigang glacier to experience the great altitude and all that it brings with it.  Everywhere you turn around, you see nothing but ice-covered mountains all standing tall, erect and ready to narrate their history.

Every climb that you make and every trek you take across the Tibet and the valleys and pathway galore, you experience something that words fail to express. Many climbers made confessions about how a Tibet hiking tour gave them an encounter that other climbs failed to achieve.

There are no shortcuts when you hike in Tibet. The paths are not pre-determined and sometimes may be completely inaccessible. However, when you are hiking with a travel agency, they will not only help you with all the necessary permits. They will also ensure you have everything you require. From food to hot water and other equipment, the travel agents will see to your climb gets easier to achieve, fighting challenges.

2. Necessary Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack for Trekking in Tibet!

Hiking Tours Tibet

Your packing also depends on the month you are going for trekking in Tibet. Still, you will need warm clothes for sure doesn’t matter if you are traveling in summers or springs. Make sure, you have enough warm clothes because as you will travel to a higher altitude the temperature gets lower.

It will be okay if you don’t bring your hiking poles as your travel agent will arrange that. You can also ask for thick sleeping bags from them. Some more important things that you shouldn’t forget to carry are as follows:-

2.1 Moisture Wicking Tees

Don’t forget to carry long sleeve Tees with you. It will help you to layer yourself with more clothes and which you can easily remove as per the needs. For a one-week trip, carry at least three long sleeve t-shirts.

2.2 Quick Dry Pants & Leggings

You should carry quick-dry pants with you because they are lightweight, waterproof, and comfortable. Also, for females leggings, it will be the most suitable option. As it will help you to keep yourself warm and will also give you a fantastic look.

2.3 Ski Gloves & Jacket

As you are planning for trekking in Tibet then ski gloves and jackets are a must. Yes, they are very heavy to carry but without them, your trip will be incomplete. Gloves won’t be a bad option to wear in snow and rain.

2.4 Woolen Socks & Microfibre Towel

Carry a thin towel so that you can bundle it in a small roll. Also, woollen socks are a must so that they can keep your feet dry and warm.

So, a hiking tour in Tibet is fraught with challenges and dares. But at the same time, it also gives any hiker, or otherwise, an experience that is difficult to put into words. From the peaks to valleys, every single aspect of the Tibetian plateau welcomes you with open arms. It welcomes you with a smile, much like the monks and citizens of this enchanting little Himalayan kingdom.

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