How Much Clip In Hair Extensions Do I Need?

Clip-In Hair Extensions come in different sets such as 2, 4, and 10 clips in sets. Hair extensions are the finest way to enhance your hair length and volume. If you desire thick and perfect hair, then the best way to fulfill your demand is with 10 piece clip-in hair extensions. The number of clips in hair extensions depends upon the head size. For example, if you have thin or fine hair, you should get a clip in hair extensions of 60 to 100 grams. And women with medium or thick hair, treat your hair with 120 to 180 grams of hair extensions.

What are Clip-in Extensions? 


The easiest, fastest, and safest method to achieve long, thick, and glossy hair is by wearing clip-in hair extensions. The clips are attached to the wefts of the hair extensions beforehand. This means you can install the clip in hair extensions by yourself without a y professional help. To achieve voluminous and long straight or wavy hair, clip in hair extensions is the best solution without hindering or losing your money.  

10 Piece Clip-in Extensions From Online Store

1. Tapered 10 Piece Clip-in Set 


With tapered 10 piece clip –in set hair extensions achieve instant volume and lengthy hair with a natural look. The tapered hair extensions have natural tapered cuts to give you a better result. The tapered 10 piece clip-in set blends perfectly on your hair. The length of this extension is 18 inches long and is available in 1B color. These clip-in extensions are easy to wash and styled in any way you want with heating tools.  

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2. LUXE 10 Piece Clip-in Set (Wavy & Straight) 


The LUXE 10 piece clip-in set hair extensions to come in two different hair textures – wavy and straight. Want a quick, easy fix to your natural hair? Then the LUXE 10 piece clip-in set hair is the perfect option to choose. This way, you can achieve the desired hair volume, color, and lengths on your natural hair. If you want to a wavy hair, grab the wavy LUXE clip in hair extensions, or look for long straight hair, then grab the straight LUXE texture. This collection of 10 pieces clip-in set weighs 160 grams. 

3. 10 Piece Clip-in Set: Straight


This 10 pieces clip-in set comes only in one hair texture – straight. This hair extension is 100% pure Indian virgin hair. These hair extensions are not chemically processed to retain the natural hair texture. Purchase this 10 piece clip set: straight hair, and achieve voluminous and shiny hair quickly. The straight 10 piece clip-in set hair extensions to come in 12 different shades weighing 100 grams. It can be styled by using heating tools to achieve the desired hairstyles you want. 

Where to Buy 10 Piece Clip-in Extensions?

Looking for natural hair to wear for shiny and fabulous hair, a high-quality clip in hair extensions is a must. 10 piece clip-in hair extensions are made from 100 % human hair that is not chemically processed and available in various textures and colors.

The clip-in Hair Extensions Online store is 100 % virgin Remy hair and available in 12 different shades of color. The hair extensions from Online stores are tangle-free and have anti-slip clips to avoid the clips from slipping. The hair is heat resistant because the hair’s quality is like your natural hair that means it is easy to style in any way you want.

How Many Packs Do I Need?


The 10 piece clip-in set hair extensions from the store are the perfect hair extensions you need to buy this year. The pack contains a 10 piece set of clips in hair extensions that can cover your head effortlessly, and its weight is above 100 grams.

The number of packs depends on your natural hair volume and the type of hairstyle you want to make. The 10 pieces set clip in hair extensions from the store blends naturally with your hair without any glitch. To appear more natural, cover the hair extensions with your hair. Section your hair, take the clip in extensions, clip in on your hair, and then cover it with your hair. This is done because women with fine or short hair can have better results if all 10 pieces of clip in the set are used. Or if you have thick or medium hair, it is not essential to use all 10 pieces of clip-ins. Don’t worry 1 pack of 10 piece clip-in set hair extensions is sufficient for you to get voluminous and healthy hair.


Clip-in hair extensions are the perfect way to spice up your look because it is effortless and has multipurpose use on your natural hair. Every day the use of hair extensions is becoming popular because it is easy to handle and install. With the help of clip in hair extensions, you can try any hairstyles without going to a salon. Wear and look amazing with the 10 piece clip hair extensions during this year’s Diwali festivals.  

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