Nag Tibba: The Best Weekend Trek in Uttarakhand

Serpent’s Peak Popularly Known as ‘Nag Tibba’ It’s safe to say that this is one of the best treks in India. You can see snow-covered Himalayan reaches like Swargrohini, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Gangotri, and Srikantha. It’s the highest peak in the lower Himalayas of the Garhwal region. The Kedarnath peak is particularly visible in the north. This trek is for two days and you get to experience a lot of different landscapes, dense forests, and meadows.

Table Of Contents:
1. History Of Nag Tibba Weekend Trek in Uttarakhand
2. Length of Nag Tibba trek
3. Difficulty Level
4. How to Reach Nag Tibba Trek in Uttarakhand
5. Best Time to Visit Nag Tibba Trek
6. Activities to do at Nag Tibba Weekend Trek in Uttarakhand
7. Precautions and Essentials

It’s a lesser-known trek trail near Mussoorie which has its advantages and disadvantages. Overall, it’s perfect for a weekend gateway. The culmination of this journey rests at 9,915ft and is the most noteworthy in the Nag Tibba range. This place is also rich in Indian mythology. Snakes or Nagas, are prayed by the people of India. There are festivals, temples, and scriptures dedicated to Nagas. Nagas are believed to be sacred as they are believed to have achieved a special place on the neck of Lord Shiva. Nag Tibba is named after Nagas.

1. History Of Nag Tibba Weekend Trek in Uttarakhand


Nag Tibba is believed to be the abode of Nag Devta or the God of Snakes. Nag means snake. ‘Tibba’ is a local word that means peak. Local villagers often come here to worship and offer flowers to Nag Devta. It’s at an elevation of 3048 meters. Nag Tibba has a temple at the top and you can see Bandarpunch range towards the side of Yamunotri.

2. Length of Nag Tibba trek

It’s a 16km long trek and can easily be covered in 2 days. You have to cover nearly 8 km in one day in 6 hours. The trek is considered to be the best start for beginners.

3. Difficulty Level

Nag Tibba Trek is good for families, friends, or a private weekend vacation.  There are a few steep places in the otherwise gradual terrain. You’ll find some difficulties according to the changes to weather and terrain. It’s an easy-moderate level trek. 

4. How to Reach Nag Tibba Trek in Uttarakhand


You can reach by public transport from Delhi through Dehradun. There are buses and trains available.

Trail Information

The summit day is a long one and after you touch it, you start going down to Bhatwadi village. The trail is lovely and the views are a treat to the eyes. When you enter the Moriana clearing, you’ll find streams and huts which will give the impression of a perfect village setting. You can see the greenery draping the whole place like a blanket. You can see trees stretched to as long as you can see and beyond. The lovely forest along with the soothing streams make the place heavenly. 

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5. Best Time to Visit Nag Tibba Trek


The best time to visit Nag Tibba post-monsoon when the weather is cool and there’s mild snow. 

5.1 Months:

February to mid-June and mid-September- November end. If you want to snow trek then December end and January are good.

5.2 Trekking Route

There are three trekking routes.

Trek route 1: This route starts from Devalsari ( 13 km). If you trek 3 km more, you can reach the top of Nag Tibba.

Trek route 2: This route starts from Pantwari Village ( 8 km). This is a popular route. Pantwari Village is at a distance of 50 km from Mussoorie and 85 km from Dehradun. It’s one of the shortest routes but it requires a guide as it is complicated.

Trek route 3: This route starts from Hunter via Thatyur. You reach the bridge path near Aunter. From here you can walk up to the ridge top and the route is mostly straight from here.

6. Activities to do at Nag Tibba Weekend Trek in Uttarakhand


1. Sunsets are to die for. They keep you spellbound and tongue-tied.

2. You can visit the temple at the top.

3. You can have a panoramic view of the Bandarpunch range. 

4. Nag Tibba trek is a circular trek and you’ll get to watch a lot of landscapes.

5. You can click great pictures of the picturesque places present here.

6. Trekking is a very sought after activity.

7. You can set camps under the clear night sky.

8. You can do sightseeing.

9. You can do star gazing.

10. You can do a bonfire.

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7. Precautions and Essentials


1. Good trekking shoes are a must to ensure a comfortable trekking experience. 

2. Light and comfortable clothes will be the best outfit for trek. 

3. Alcohol consumption and smoking are highly inadvisable. 

4. Flashlight with extra batteries

5. Complete trekking gear

6. ID proof is a must for all trekkers 

7. Take some water and some food along with yourself.

8. Carry a double strap backpack (no sling bag).

9. Carry mosquito repellent and sunscreen. 

10. Carry raincoats, jackets, first aid, and some extra clothes for emergencies.

11. Carry minimum weight. 

12. Don’t litter. 

13. Stay with the group and don’t wander on your own. 

14. Carry your medicines if any. 

15. Bring your camera and mobile phones at your own risk. 

16. Don’t endanger your life by trying to click risky pictures. 

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Nag Tibba is famous for weekend treks, hiking, Beginners trekking, Camping, Garhwal trekking, and easy trekking. You can visit it with family and friends or treat it as a solo trip. Trekking at Nag Tibba is not that difficult. It can be done easily by first-time trekkers. Although mobile connectivity is low and internet services will be down, you’ll be able to do Digital detox and connect with nature. Spellbinding sunsets await you here at Nag Tibba Trek. It is loved by adventurers all over the world because it does not only offer you beautiful and breathtaking scenic views but also provides you with that adrenaline rush that your body craves.

Experience the mountain culture and food. Fall in love with everything Nag Tibba trek has to offer. The people here are, not to mention, welcoming and friendly. Throughout the trail, your mind will be blown by the beautiful landscapes, forests, and meadows. Moreover, it is an easy-moderate level trek which makes it accessible to beginners two-days two-day trek is everything you need for that weekend break.

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