Neemuch Opium & Alkaloid Factory

Alkaloid factory is such a thing which is mainly located at two places and Nimach is one of them. Yes, Nimach which is known as the city of nature is also famous for its opium & alkaloid factory. The headquarters of the Government Alkaloid factory is in New Delhi but there are two factories one is in Ghazipur (U.P.) and the other one is in Nimach (M.P.).

The Opium & Alkaloid Factory in Nimach is considered the largest opium receptacle in the world which is a great achievement. Nimach opium & alkaloid factory is also called Neemuch Factory by some people. This factory was established in the year 1933 but it started extracting alkaloids in the year 1976.

Many different types of alkaloids are prepared in the factory under complete observation.

Once there was another factory in Mandsaur but it was closed in the year 1969. Because as it was very difficult for the government to maintain the Mandsaur factory so they now focus on only two main factories and the Mandsaur factory was made closed.

For the fielding of opium, the farmer has to take a license from the government. They have to agree to all the terms and conditions of the government. The government has decided that a farmer can grow opium in only 21,400 sq. ft if he uses more than that his license will be canceled.

1. Work
2. Entry
3. Cost

A particular amount of opium is demanded by the government. The government demands 20 kg of minimum opium from one farmer. But the area provided to them is very wide so they can easily grow around 40 kg of opium.

What farmers do to earn more money is they give 20 kg to the government and rest all the opium they sell in the black market from where they get a lump sum amount.


The opium which is taken by the farmer is for the use of making medicinal alkaloid drugs. There are lots of products that are made from opium out of which 5 (Five) products are made at Neemuch opium and alkaloid factory-like Morphine, Codeine, and many more. So the opium can be helpful but it can be more dangerous.



Since opium can be too dangerous for people so the government has made certain rules for the entry of people. Not everyone can enter the factory either you should be a member of the factory or you should have a government permission letter to enter the factory. As there can be many misuses of opium.

So, it is very necessary to have these rules and people must not violate the terms and follow the conditions sincerely.


Since opium is very dangerous and is very rarely found so the government has decided to keep the prices of the product very high such that no one can buy. The approx. the cost that government charges for per kg of opium are Rs. 50,000. But in the black market, this per kg of opium is sold at 10 lakhs which is a high amount of profit for the farmers. But still, it is harmful to all other citizens.

to all other citizens.

After all such strict restrictions and under observation people are selling and buying it. After all such strict restrictions and under observation people are selling and buying it.

It’s been an honor for Neemuchians to have such a factory at their place. Taking care of such a place is the responsibility of everyone but some people at some places misuse such things. Well, that was all about the Neemuch opium and alkaloid factory.

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