Nimach: The City of Nature

Nimach is a very small district which is located in Madhya Pradesh and is spread in almost 58 km and the town in the Malwa region and has a very peaceful environment. Nimach has lots of history with Britishers and is popularly known for its famous opium factory. There are a lot of things which you can do at Nimach.

There are lots of rumors behind the city name also and out of that one is that the city got its name because there are lots of Neem trees all around which is somewhere true that there are lots of Neem trees in Neemuch but this rumor is wrong that it is named after these trees. The reason why the name has been kept behind ‘NIMACH’ is that it is a short name for “North India Mounted Artillery and Cavalry Headquarters”.

This small city is further divided into three parts Chhavani, Neemuch city, Bhagana. Chhavani basically has many landmarks like Pustak bazaar, Dussehra Maidan, Bohra Gali, Budha Gopal street, Naya Bazaar, Rabindranath Tagore Marg, etc. Bhagana in Neemuch is again known for its ‘Anaj Mandi’.

Gomabai Netralaya in Nimach is one more thing that makes it a special place as it is one of India’s foremost Trust-run Ophthalmic Institutes in Central India. Here all the type of eye-related treatments is provided with all the latest tools and techniques. They also provide training to the medical and paramedical staff and the best treatment with the best facility is available here.

There are many exotic locations to visit at Nimach that are worth watching like Shri Kileshwar Mahadev Temple, Sukhanand Ashram, Nava Toran Temple, Lions Park, Rotary diamond park, etc. though these are named like temples or parks here you will find yourself so close to nature and you will love it. Each and every place has its own story which is really interesting to read or listen about it.

One more attraction of Nimach is its opium factory though no one is allowed to visit inside this factory because it can be too dangerous as there are only two opium factories in India one is in Ghazipur and the other one is at Nimach and the shooting of this opium factory is shown in the movie ‘Udta Punjab’ also in the novel by Scott Nelson i.e. ‘White Monsoon’ has the story of the opium factory in it.

Nimach is also known for its training center of the Central Reserve Police Force popularly known as CRPF. There are 1000 quarters of CRPF and inside this campus also all the facilities are provided for the trainers and their family. It’s like another Nimach lies inside this campus which is very beautiful and one must visit such places.

It will be great if you visit Nimach in Rainy season as it is a place that is close to nature so in the rainy season it gets more amazing and interesting. This is a kinda place which excepts every type of person either they are old age, teenagers, kids, or anyone. Whoever will visit is definitely going to enjoy it.

As it is the city of nature don’t forget to take your camera with you when you plan your visit to this beautiful place. So that you can click some beautiful pictures.

There are lots of exciting places to watch and play where one can enjoy with there family and can plan a short trip with their family members you will going to love it as now there it is a developing city so day by day places to visit are increasing.

Have Nature’s Day!!!

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