Piano or Violin? Which one Should we Learn?

Piano and violin are two distinctly different instruments. They are played differently. Thus, you can only learn and master one instrument. In this article, we will cover the pros and cons of learning how to play the piano. We also cover the advantages and disadvantages that you can encounter if you choose to take violin lessons in Singapore class.

Pros of Learning the Piano

#1 – Easier to Get a Satisfying Sound

Producing good sounds on the piano is easier than on the violin. That is because pianos have hammers that strike the keys for you. Unlike with violins, you will directly produce the sounds. Thus, you will not produce any good sounds until you learn the basics through a cheap violin lessons Singapore class. However, piano students with no background knowledge can create satisfying sounds by just pressing the keys.

#2 – Sequential Layout of Keys

The notes of the piano keys are laid out sequentially. The keys are arranged from high tones at the right. Then, they subsequently go low as you reach the last key at the left. Furthermore, each musical note is only played by one key. Thus, memorization of keys is a lot easier with piano. 

#3 – Learn on Your Own

Learning the piano can also be done effectively on your own. This is not the same with violins that need a violin lessons Singapore teacher to get down with the basics. A piano student can learn the basics by just watching free piano tutorial videos online. 

Cons of Learning the Piano

#1 – Pianos are Expensive

An upright piano is very expensive. It can cost at least S$4,000. A good alternative is digital pianos or electric keyboards since they are cheaper. However, if you want better playability and sound, you will eventually invest in a real large piano.

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#2 – Pianos are Hard to Transport

A digital piano is very bothersome to transport. Furthermore, you will need to be near a wall to plug in the piano. If a digital piano can already be difficult to transport. What more if it is the real piano.

#3 – Difficult to Master

The piano may be easy to begin learning but it is hard to master. It takes years and years of practice to be able to play all keys at the same time. Furthermore, it has a high ceiling skill since more musicians are pushing boundaries making it hard for beginners to catch up.

Pros of Learning the Violin

#1 – Trains the Ear 

Opting for cheap violin lessons Singapore courses will help you train your ear with the proper tune. Tuning the strings and tuning each note as you play are what you need to do when playing the violin. Thus, your ear will be trained for pitch and harmony.

#2 – Violins are Portable

Unlike piano, violins are easy to transport. You can take them anywhere without any hassle. In addition, you can play your own violin during the violin lessons Singapore session. Thus, you will get accustomed with playing your violin.

#3 – Transferable Playing Skills

Most string instruments can be played with the same intonation, tone, vibrato, tuning, and groove. Therefore, if you take cheap violin lessons Singapore, you can transfer the playing skills you learned to other string instruments. The viola, cello, double bass, mandolin, or bass can be played almost similarly to how you play the violin.

Cons of Learning the Violin

#1 – Steep Learning Curve

Violins are harder to learn than pianos. That is because they have a steep learning curve. It is more difficult to achieve a quality note. In addition, you will also need to learn how to hold a bow, use the chin rest, and press down enough force on the violin. All of that will be taught by an experienced violin lessons Singapore teacher.

#2 – Violins are Fragile

Violins may be cheaper than pianos. However, they are not as sturdy. Beginners tend to drop their violins during their cheap violin lessons Singapore classes. As a result, the violin gets broken and the student would have to get it fixed or buy a new one.

#3 – Less Harmonic Versatility 

A piano has 88 keys while a violin has less. This means that the music available is far more limited. It will be difficult for violinists to compose songs because of the limitations of the tunes they can produce. 

In Summary:

The answer to whether you should learn the violin over the piano or vice versa depends on your specific needs. If you want to learn to play music faster, the piano is a good way to go. Or if you prefer to be an expert musician of many musical instruments, the violin is a good starting point. If you wish to find excellent violin teachers, we have many options for you. 

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