Top 16 Web-series to Watch on Youtube in 2020.

Ta-da-aa, Hello again guys, hope you all are doing well? And how’s your quarantine going on? I know it must be boring because that’s why you are here looking for something great to binge-watch on youtube. Well, it’s not important that you will get good content to watch only on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, or something like that. You can also watch some amazing web series on youtube. “Without spending a single penny” hahaha…

So, let’s have a brief look at the top 16 best web-series which you can watch on youtube, I watched them and I found it really great:-

1. College Romance


Actually, I am writing this one because this one I loved the most because it is a story of love, romance, friendship, and commitments. Back then, when you were in college you might have also found someone special whom you cannot express your feelings. It’s a story of actual college romance. If you are in love then you must not miss it.

2. Man’s World


There is a saying that “you should think before you wish”. There is a man in this story named ‘Kiran’, he always thinks that this world is cruel towards men and females to have no bigger problems. So, he wishes to interchange the world for men and women and his wish comes true so it’s a comedy web series on youtube with a simple lesson for Man. You are going to love it.

3. Adulting


“Adulting” show was started by Dice Media in 2018 but it was an amazing show then and now also in 2019 its season 2 has been launched. It is a life story of two girls who met accidentally at a common friend party and then became housemates. There is love between two friends how they cope up with each other, one is too emotional and the other one is too bold. The perfect combination of friendship to watch.

4. The Reunion


“The Reunion” it’s again a story of friends or we can say BFFs who meet after a very long time. They are back together in school after 10 Years and this youtube web-series also teaches us that sometimes to move forward in life it is very important to look back. An amazing storyline with a fantastic message.

5. Virgin Woman Diaries


I found this story really very cute actually it might be because I can relate this to one of my friend’s love stories too. It’s again a love story. There’s one boy or we can say one young couple. There is one girl named “Kiara” who is about to turn 18 and on her 18th birthday she wants to lose her virginity to her one and only boyfriend but “OOPS” something happened which you have to watch.

6. Imperfect


“Imperfect” is a story of one girl “Isha” who introduces everyone to her short imperfect world. At first, she thought that her life should be as amazing as Cinderella but everything gets messy and messy but in the end, she accepts the fact that no matter what she does or tries to make everything perfect she won’t be able to do it. So she accepts reality and enjoys her life as it is.

7. Ready 2 Mingle


It’s a Modern day life story in which a young couple who makes the world fall in love with their party nights named “Ready 2 Mingle”. But when it comes to checking chemistry between them, will they pass? Does true love exist for them? Check out the answers. Watch it.

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8. Bang Baaja Baarat


“Bang Baaja Baaraat” is again a short story of a couple who meets and soon decides to get married. But how can a story have a perfect ending so quickly and life takes a ‘U-turn’ they can’t take family pressure and their life turns upside down. So to check whether their love survived or not you must not wait to see it.

9. Baked


If you are bored of watching the same stories of couples, love, romance, and teenage drama so you can go with this option “Baked”. This story typically revolves around the hostel life of three DU (Delhi University) students who have opened this late-night food delivery service for those who feel hungry at 3 a.m. Just watch them sorting out their personal and professional life. I am sure that you are definitely going to miss your college days after watching this one…

10. I Don’t Watch TV


“I Don’t Watch TV” seriously? Then why are you checking out what to watch on youtube? hahaha… just kidding. So this web series is basically for those who are interested in the life of TV stars whose careers are in danger because of some argument done in the after party of an award show. So you can look for it to check what happens next.

11. Stags


This story of “Stags” revolves around three boys who are also housemates and are now friends who explore the ups and downs of life together. At a party, they try to get hooked up with some random girls but end up with real bonds with each other. This Youtube web series has crossed more than 2 million views so you can imagine how great it would be to watch.

12. Flames


Ufff… It’s again a love story of a shy guy who is unable to express his feelings but he falls in love at first sight. “Flames” is a story of the time when doing crush’s homework was a step ahead towards making the communication. The story is completely breathtaking. It will take you to the late ’90s when even looking towards your love was difficult.

13. Tripling


Are you fond of your sibling? Of course yes, not all siblings are assholes. So this “Tripling” by TVF is a story of three siblings who are living far away from each other who end up with a road trip together accidentally. One is divorced, one is dealing with an unstable marriage, and one is jobless. The trio is amazing and finds comfort when they make their way home but the journey is worth your time. A funny emotional with lots of love web series.

14. Permanent Roommates


Here is again a web series with a love story of a couple but it’s completely different from others. Permanent Roommates is a Youtube web series starring ‘Sumeet Vyas’ and ‘Nidhi Singh’ who have been in a long-distance relationship from the past three years and now when they meet the marriage knocks their door. I loved it. So watch it and let me know your views.

15. Life Sahi Hai


“Pyaar ka Punchnama” we all loved Kartik Aryan and his friends. Right? This youtube web series “Life Sahi Hai” is inspired by it. The story revolves around four friends who are careless and when it comes women all have their different choices. The story is of Delhi guys who deal with their problems with women. It may be their boss or girlfriend.

16. Official Chukyagiri


MBA? Are you pursuing it? If Yes then this is definitely for you and even if you don’t then also what happens in the corporate world you can binge-watch it. As this web series “Official Chukyagiri” on youtube presented by Arre is full of comedy. It’s a story about a young boy who is entering a professional world with lots and lots of big dreams but also has their morals and ethics with him. So will he be able to survive this professional world with his morals and ethics? What do you think? Watch out!!!

So, the above mentioned were the list of top 16 web series available on Youtube which I loved to watch in 2020. I watched them all and it was really worth my time…I hope you like them too!!!

Let me know your views about each of them in the comments…

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