Triund Trek – A Path To Golden Sunrise

There are several trek routes that exist in Himachal Pradesh where Triund Trek is one of the most beautiful of them. This trek route exists between the Kangra valley and the Dhauladhar range. The specialty of this trek is that it is suitable for all kinds of persons of different age groups. It is enjoyable by the beginner as well as by expert trekkers.

After trekking as you reach the top there you will see a marvelous view of Kangra Valley and of Dhauladhar range under the clear blue sky. Another specialty of this trek is that it does not end here if any want to explore this area more then there is Indrahar trek route commenced from there via Lahesh Caves. The Lahesh Caves are 6 km away from the Triund.

Triund Trek 3 Day Itinerary
Day 1 – Arrival at Mcleodganj
Day 2 – Mcleodganj to Triund
Day 3 – Head back to Mcleodganj from Triund
How to Reach Mcleodganj
By Road
By Train
By Air
Things to Carry on Your Trip to Triund
Advisory Tips for Your Triund Trek

Camping at the Triund will be the most amazing experience. From your tent, you will see all the colors of sunrise and sunset and in the night stargazing will be the most amazing which you have never experienced before. 

Triund Trek 3 Day Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival at Mcleodganj

Day one of your arrival…

To reach Mcleodganj, you have to go through an overnight journey. As you reach there, check-in at the hotel and have some rest. After getting ready have your breakfast and explore the beautiful small town situated in Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is also called Little Lhasa due to the residing of a large Buddhist population with the world-famous Buddhist Saint Dalai Lama.

There are various places to visit in and around Mcleodganj like St. John’s Church, Bhagsu Waterfalls, Tsug La Khang & many more. After whole day exploration, enjoy your dinner and stay.

Day 2 – Mcleodganj to Triund

Starting of your Triund Trek…

Wake up early in the morning, have breakfast and get ready for the trekking with all your trekking gears. The trekking will start from the Dharamkot which is a small village near Mcleodganj. It will take 4- 4.5 hrs to reach at the top during the trek. You will experience the scenic views of the forest and also experience the Pinewood tree, Oak Trees, and Rhododendrons.

As you reach the top you will be amazed and spellbound by seeing the glorious snow clad Dhauladhar mountains and whole Kangra valley from the height. Now check-in at the campsite and be ready for the wonderful sunset. It is guaranteed that this type of sunset you have never experienced before.   

Day 3 – Head back to Mcleodganj from Triund

Time to live your last moments of the trip

In the early morning wakeup early before the sun and experience the most beautiful sunrise. As the sun starts to rise above the Dhauladhar mountains it will cast a spell on every visitor. After this amazing experience, get ready for your way back to Mcleodganj, ya don’t forget to have your breakfast as its a long route you have to set. On reaching there, its better you take some rest as again you have a bus journey in your way.

How to Reach Mcleodganj

By Road

To reach Mcleodganj it is the best option to reach there by road. Mcleodganj is well connected by Delhi and Chandigarh by road transportation. There are various buses i.e government as well as private runs from there. So through the overnight journey, you will reach there. Distance between Mcleodganj to Chandigarh is 250 km and between Delhi and Mcleodganj is 500 km. 

By Train

The nearest railway station is Pathankot which is 92km away from the Mcleodganj. Outside the railway station there you will find a private/government bus or hire a private cab to reach there. 

By Air

Gaggal airport is the nearest airport to the Mcleodganj which is well connected to other airports via Delhi. From the airport, you can hire a tourist taxi to reach the destination. 

Things to Carry on Your Trip to Triund

Packings to be done
  • Water Bottle 
  • Good Quality Thermo Flask
  • Snacks
  • Quality Woolen Wears
  • Woolen Socks
  • Fine Quality Trekking Shoes
  • Trekking Gears
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Permit/License for Trekking
  • Sunscreen Lotion
  • Camera
  • Extra Batteries for Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Lip Balm
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack
  • Led Flashlights
  • Identity Cards issued by the Government of India
  • First Aid Kit
  • General Medicine Kit
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Small Garbage Collection Bags 

Advisory Tips for Your Triund Trek

Things to Keep in Mind…
  • Do not litter
  • Do not involve in any activity which is against the ecosystem.
  • Obtain all the permits before starting the Trekking a day prior.
  • Try to avoid plastic as much as possible. 
  • Properly dispose of the garbage.
  • Try to avoid hard arguments with your teammates. If you have any issues then report back to your team leader.
  • If you face any issue regarding trekking and health then tell your team leader immediately
  • Do not use any kind of toxic chemicals like drugs during the trip it may lead you in serious difficulty. 
  • Carrying weapons is not allowed.
  • Show your id-proof to authority if they ask.
  • Do not make fun of any religious belief.
  • Follow the instructions of the group leader.

This is all about Triund Trekking. This is the most amazing trek and it becomes more interesting when you will enjoy hiking with your friends. The main attraction of this trek is watching and experiencing the most beautiful sunrise and sunset with your loved ones. Don’t forget to capture the wonderful moments of your Triund hiking trip in the camera.

This Triund trek route is one of the blessings by mother nature showered upon us so it is our responsibility that how we keep safe this valuable gift. With only one effort this is possible that is – ” Responsible Travelling”. This is the best way to conserve nature. Our existence is dependent on nature. So one thing we should keep in our mind that if planet earth is safe then we will be safe.

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