What is Golden Ratio and Why it is Relevant to Website Design?

Designing is not at all easy as there are not one or two but many aspects to it. It gets even more complex when it comes to UX design because that demands innovative ideas with a structural and strategic approach. This can serve the purpose of providing the users with a high-end quality experience on the website. This can’t be ignored as a clear user interface is one of the major characteristics of an effective website design.

Planning and balancing all elements in the harmony is the key. As it helps the users to reach out to the relevant information and products without having to do much effort. Efficient and professional design composition is not just limited to the website but to your surprise. Famous artists like Da Vinci and Dali have also emphasized incorporating old design aesthetic principles into their creations or artworks. They made sure that with these principles they can upgrade the level of their work and maintain the level of accuracy and perfection. 

Table of Contents:
1. What is the Golden Ratio? 
2. Why is the Golden Ratio Relevant to Website Design? 
2.1 Arrangement of the Content
2.2 Creating Perfect Layouts 
2.3 Maintaining a Powerful Typography Level 

One of these principles is the golden ratio which is a mathematical proportion that helps in building pleasing design. Even if you haven’t heard of it, you must have observed that a certain design looks more appealing and better looking than the others. But why is that so? Well, the answer to this question lies in the math. As mentioned above, the golden ratio is one such time tested concept that is used by highly skilled designers and website creators. To build or create flawless artworks and website designs that can attract the attention of the users. 

Though you can ensure this for your website design by simply consulting with a reliable web design and development company. But it’s better to have a clear understanding of what golden ratio exactly is? And why is it relevant to website design?

What is the Golden Ratio? 


Golden Ratio, also known as Golden Mean, Golden Section, Divine Proportion, and the Greek letter Phi is a special number that approximately equals 1.618. This ratio itself is delivered from the Fibonacci sequence. Which is a naturally occurring sequence of numbers that can be found in everything that comes under the sun.

In other words, the Fibonacci sequence is the sum of the two numbers before it. So by adopting this pattern, the Greeks developed the Golden Ratio in order to express the difference between any two numbers in the sequence in a better way. But how is this relevant to design? Well, there are many ways this formula can elevate the level of website design. Whether it’s about creating shapes, logos, layouts, etc. 

Let’s discuss it a little bit more to understand widely how and why the golden ratio is relevant to website design.

Why is the Golden Ratio Relevant to Website Design? 

There are several ways through which the Golden Ratio as a mathematical calculation has the potential to elevate the level of a website design. Let us discuss the aspects one by one to have a clear idea about what the golden ratio can bring into a design. 


1. Arrangement of the Content

It is not uncommon anymore for designers to face a situation when a product needs to contain a huge amount of varied types of content. Each part of the content is too vital to be neglected or replaced. Applying the golden ratio comes in handy in such a situation as it unites all the components together in a pleasant composition.

It allows you to find out what the center is so you can then arrange elements around it. This way you can trace the golden spiral in the available space and maintain the placement on the design. 

2. Creating Perfect Layouts 

Another big huddle that comes in the process of designing is to fit in a lot of elements into a compact amount of space. The golden ratio grid simplifies this as it helps to save a day. When it’s used to determine the dimensions of a layout and where each of the elements will be placed. Leveraging the golden ratio can help you design a visually appealing user interface. That results in getting your website more attention from the users. Moreover, an easier way to start a layout design is to set the dimensions to 1:1:618 from the beginning and go forward with the design with this very same framework.

3. Maintaining a Powerful Typography Level 


Lastly, to create effective typography, designers are required to divide copy content into different levels which include headers, subheadings, caption, and body copy, etc. Applying the golden ratio can help you smartly define an appropriate proportion between the typography levels. This way you can choose a certain size for the header and divide it by 1.618. This can result in showing the accurate size for subheaders.

So, this is the complete guide for you to give you an overview of what the golden ratio is and why it is relevant to website design. However, to make the process even smoother for you, there is a need for professional assistance. Well, we can help you with that as it is known as the leading web design and development company. That specializes in all sorts of web services and has a team of skilled designers and developers. 

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