What is Syrup? Homemade Coffee Syrup Recipes.

15 Syrups. 7 Syrup Recipes for Coffee. 1 Base to make Syrups. Decorate your lattes and cappuccinos with color and flavor.

With the recipe for homemade sugar syrup, I am going to teach you how to make various sauces to give a special stamp to your Cappuccinos, lattes, or drinks.

I invite you to know the concepts to make syrups so that later you can create your own recipes. And you can choose different variation syrups for coffee in the market.

Table of Contents
1. What is Coffee Syrup?
2. What is Sugar Syrup? Or Rubber Syrup
3. How to Make a Sugar Syrup?

3.1 Syrup Ingredients
3.2 Syrup Recipe
4. How to Make a Chocolate Syrup?
5. How to Make Caramel Syrup?
6. How to Make Vanilla Syrup?
7. Are Syrups Healthy?

What is it?

In gastronomy, it is used as a thick sweetener to sweeten, decorate and add shine to desserts, but technically the syrup is the extraction of water from the sap. raising the concentration of sugars, generating “molasses”.

To extract the Sap, a trunk is drilled and the “liquid” part of the tree is extracted.

This process is laborious and expensive because for a liter of sap much less than 1% of maple syrup is obtained.

The syrup par excellence is the Maple Syrup, but we can obtain almost any plant such as rice, agave, that is to say, sap syrup.

In this case, I am going to focus on the simplest ones to use in the cafeteria, the most basic thing would be the Sugar syrup, although it is true that Natural Syrups are healthier than sugar.

But as I always say, the problem is the excesses, if you only use it to decorate your lattes it can’t be that bad.

In vegan food, honey is substituted for syrup for example

It depends on the syrup but its sugar content is between 70 and 90%.

What is Sugar Syrup? Or Rubber Syrup


It is basically water and sugar, which when mixed has the consistency of honey or a sauce.

With the syrup we can preserve food if we submerge it.

It is also known as syrup or sauce depending on the country, when they refer to chocolate sauce, chocolate syrup, chocolate syrup or chocolate syrup they refer to the same thing.

In this article, I am going to explain how to make coffee syrup, to decorate smoothies or cupcakes.

We can also make fruit juice syrups to decorate pastries and drinks.

Cocktail Syrups are used to mix with alcohol because it is difficult to dissolve sugar in alcohol, and the syrup makes it easier.

How to Make a Sugar Syrup?

The sugar syrup in cocktails is known as simple syrup, as it is the base of any syrup. It is also known as Goma syrup.

As the mixture should not boil, we can do it in a water bath to make sure it does not boil.

Syrup Ingredients

1 portion of Sugar x 1 portion of water (I like it with Brown Sugar, more flavor and color) you can also make 2 of sugar x 1 of Water to make it more dense.

The denser the longer it lasts in the refrigerator or refrigerator, but it lasts at least 1 month.

Syrup Recipe

1st We place the ingredients in a jar or saucepan (sugar and water) and mix well to dissolve the sugar. Then we place the saucepan or jar in a pot with water.

Here the fire can be strong because the water will not allow the mixture to exceed 100 ° C degrees. If we do it directly we run the risk of burning it.

2nd We mix little by little while we cook, what we want is to thicken the water with the sugar.

Attention : when the syrup cools it will start more so be careful not to overdo it.

3rd If we try with a spoon, it sticks and it is ready.

4th We remove from heat and let cool.

Some, so that it does not crystallize, put corn syrup and / or vodka to make it last longer. Although I think that if we are making it homemade it is because we want something fresh.

How to Make a Chocolate Syrup?


1st We are going to make the base of our Syrups, that is, the Sugar Syrup that I detail above.

2nd Proportions if we use 1 of water and 1 of Sugar, of chocolate powder we use half that is 0.5. If we have made the syrup it would be something like a little more than half of the syrup.

3rd In a bain-marie we heat the sugar syrup and place the chocolate with a strainer so that lumps do not form. Mix slowly for a few minutes with a whisk or stirrer preferably. If you don’t have one you can use a spoon.

4th when it is homogeneous let it cool, and READY !!! we already have it

If we do not have cocoa powder we can graten very fine and melted in a water bath. There we will have more varieties of chocolates with more or less cocoa or milk. Personally I prefer high cocoa content and bitter.

You can add a little vanilla to prove that it goes very well with Cappuccinos.

How to Make Caramel Syrup?


Here it will be different because we must first make the caramel. And it can’t be done in Baño Maria.

We must be careful because it is very easy to burn.

Ingredients: 2 of sugar x 1 of Water x 2 of milk cream or Cream. 2 drops of lemon

1st We mix the water with the sugar and place over direct heat. I recommend it not very strong because it is easy to burn it. No need to mix.

2nd over time it darkens and takes color, if it burns and remains black it becomes bitter so do not go overboard. Light gold.

3rd When you reach the desired color and put the cream or cream and mix with a whisk until homogenized. We also add the two drops of lemon.

4th We remove from the heat, it will be on the fire until it is mixed well and nothing else.

Ready We have our Homemade Caramel Syrup.

How to Make Vanilla Syrup?


Special for Cappuccinos !!!

1st We have the base of the Sugar Syrup that we place in a water bath.

2nd once hot we add the Vanilla essence and a little cinnamon can also be excellent.

Proportions: Here there is very little vanilla essence that we must place because it is very strong. The ratio is 1 cup to 1 tablespoon. it’s likely to be a few drops, unless you’re making a lot of vanilla syrup.

Are Syrups Healthy?


The reality is that not entirely. In other words, there are syrups with less sugar content that will be better or with fibers or other properties. But always excess sugar is not good for health.

Anyway, if we do not abuse and only use a little bit to decorate our drinks, it is not so serious.

Obviously, if you have diabetes problems, it is better not to take them. Always consult these things with your doctor.

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